Sunday, September 2, 2012

Playlist for September 2, 2012: The Icicle Works


Featured Artist: The Icicle Works (all-vinyl special)


1. “Marching On”- The Alarm

2. “Where Were You Hiding”- The Alarm

3. “Birds Fly (whisper to a scream)”- The Icicle Works

4. “President Gas”- The Psychedelic Furs

5. “Factory in the Desert”- The Icicle Works

6. “Warriors of the Wasteland”- Frankie Goes to Hollywood

7. “Rage Hard”- Frankie Goes to Hollywood

8. “Hallucination”- The Hoodoo Gurus

9. “Where’s that Hit?”- The Hoodoo Gurus

10. “Finest Worksong”- REM

11. “The Reptiles and I”- Shriekback

12. “Evangeline”- The Icicle Works

13. “Shine On”- The House of Love

14. “I Die, You Die”- Gary Numan

15. “New Anger”- Gary Numan

16. “My Dying Machine”- Gary Numan

17. “Who Do You Want for Your Love”- The Icicle Works

18. “Something in the Air”- Information Society

19. “Ready or Not”- Bananarama

20. “Out of Season”- The Icicle Works

21. “Room at the Top”- The Motorcycle Boy

22. “Weak in the Presence of Beauty”- Alison Moyet

23. “Living in a Box”- Living in a Box

24. “Love is the Art”- Living in a Box


The Me Generation 2000:


25. “Liverpool Girl”- Ian McNabb
26. “All About a Woman”- Ian McNabb

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playlist for August 26th, 2012- Missing Persons


Featured Artist: Missing Persons


*requests in green


1. “Color in Your Life”- Missing Persons

2. “Walking in LA”- Missing Persons

3. “Life’s What You Make It”- Talk Talk

4. “Run and Run”- The Psychedelic Furs

5. “Noticeable Ones”- Missing Persons

6. “Got Apprehension”- The Close Lobsters

7. “You Should All Be Murdered”- Another Sunny Day

8. “No Secrets”- Missing Persons

9. “A Forest”- The Cure

10. “The Closer that You Get”- Missing Persons

11. “On The Line Again”- Tom Tom Club

12. “Pleasure Victim”- Berlin

13. “Surrender Your Heart”- Missing Persons

14. “The First Picture of You”- The Lotus Eaters

15. “Fall Down Like the Rain”- The Mighty Lemon Drops

16. “Right Now”- Missing Persons

17. “Through Being Cool”- Devo

18. “It Doesn’t Have to Be”- Erasure

19. “Say You Will”- Blanket of Secrecy

20. “It Ain’t None of Your Business”- Missing Persons

21. “Move Away”- Culture Club

22. “Town Crier”- Elvis Costello and the Attractions

23. “Destination Unknown”- Missing Persons

24. “All I need is everything”- Aztec Camera
25. “Words”- Missing Persons

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playlist for July 22, 2012- The Motorcycle Boy



Featured Artist: The Motorcycle Boy


*Requests in Green


1. “Big Rock Candy Mountain”- The Motorcycle Boy

2. “Everything I See”- The Motorcycle Boy

3. “Do You Have to Break My Heart”- The Darling Buds

4. “Scarlet”- The Motorcycle Boy

5. “There is a Light that Never Goes Out”- The Smiths

6. “Closer to You”- The Mighty Lemon Drops

7. “Some Girls”- The Motorcycle Boy

8. “What I Meant to Say”- The Bangles

9. “Melt”- The Someloves

10. “Cow”- Gene Loves Jezebel

11. “The Road Goes on Forever”- The Motorcycle Boy

12. “I Walk the Earth”- Voice of the Beehive

13. “Never Let Me Down”- Depeche Mode

14. “Burning Skies”- Tones on Tail

15. “Snowman”- XTC

16. “Hybrid”- Siouxsie and the Banshees

17. “Trying to Be Kind”- The Motorcycle Boy

18. “I Walk the Hill”- Big Country

19. “Carry Me Home”- The Primitives

20. “A Strange Day”- The Cure

21. “Here She Comes”- The Motorcycle Boy

22. “Shine On”- The House of Love

23. “Blowin’ Sky High”- Berlin

24. “Heaven’s In Here”- Tin Machine

25. “Hey Mama”- The Motorcycle Boy
26. “No Pain”- The Motorcycle Boy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playlist for July 15th 2012- *Triple Feature*


Featured Artists: The Fan Club, First Man Over, and Newsbreak


1. “Somewhere”- First Man Over

2. “Going Mental”- The Fan Club

3. “Fire Engine”- First Man Over

4. “Victim”- Newsbreak

5. “Sincerely”- First Man Over

6. “Towers of Strength”- Died Pretty

7. “Give Me It”- The Cure

8. “Heartache”- The Fan Club

9. “Hidden Eyes”- Newsbreak

10. “It’s Happening”- First Man Over

11. “The Circus”- Erasure

12. “Future Problems”- The Fan Club

13. “Blue”- First Man Over
14. “Forces Network”- The Jasmine Minks

15. “Just Another Kiss”- The Fan Club

16. “Dream Sequence”- Kim Wilde

17. “My Baby Loves It”- The Fan Club

18. “The Lady of the Manor”- Captains of Industry

19. “Umbrella Man”- First Man Over

20. “Tightrope”- The Producers

21. “Diamond Mind”- First Man Over

22. “High Wild and Handsome”- The Bible

23. “Wedding Song”- The Psychedelic Furs

24. “In Your Eyes”- Newsbreak

25. “I Won’t Take It”- The Fan Club

26. “Speechless With Tuesday”- The Apartments

27. “Pilgrimage”- REM

28. “The Finest Drops”- Wire

29. “Why You Do Me”- Newsbreak
30. “Now or Never”- First Man Over

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Playlist for July 1st 2012- The Moss Poles



Featured Artist: The Moss Poles


1. “One Summer”- The Moss Poles

2. “Blissful”- The Moss Poles

3. “Self-Control”- Laura Branigan

4. “All in Your Eyes”- The Moss Poles

5. “Baby Let Go of My Heart”- The Motorcycle Boy

6. “Fall”- The Darling Buds

7. “The Things You Say”- The Moss Poles

8. “Cool Love (Is Spreading Around)”- Holly Vincent

9. “I Can’t Control Myself”- Joan Jett

10. “You Came Up and Smiled”- The Moss Poles

11. “Cruel Summer”- Bananarama

12. “Summer’s Cauldron”- XTC

13. “More and More”- The Moss Poles

14. “When I Am with You”- Translator

15. “Sugar Finney”- Everything but the Girl

16. “I Hear You Scream”- The Moss Poles

17. “Beautiful Love”- Julian Cope

18. “Psychosonic Cindy”- Transvision Vamp

19. “Don’t Worry”- The Moss Poles

20. “Sympathise with Us”- The Mighty Lemon Drops

21. “Turquoise Days”- Echo and the Bunnymen

22. “I Don’t Know Anything”- The Hoodoo Gurus

23. “Take it or Leave it”- The Moss Poles

24. “Poor Man’s Jungle”- The NEO Boys

25. “Shock the World”- Tom Tom Club

26. “Everything’s Leading to You”- Animotion
27. “To Kiss You”- The Moss Poles

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playlist for June 24th 2012- The Fizzbombs

Featured Artist: The Fizzbombs

1. “Cherry Cherry”- The Fizzbombs

2. “The Words That…”- The Fizzbombs

3. “Something’s Wrong”- The Jesus and Mary Chain

4. “The Things I Miss”- My Bloody Valentine

5. “Really Stupid”- The Primitives

6. “Sign on the Line”- The Fizzbombs

7. “This Town is Falling Down”- Jesse Garon and the Desperados

8. “Green”- Another Sunny Day

9. “Joking Aside”- Pulp

10. “Surfaround”- The Fizzbombs

11. “My Favorite Dress”- The Wedding Present

12. “Dirty Disco”- Section 25

13. “Shellshock”- New Order

14. “Beach Party”- The Fizzbombs

15. “Electric Lash”- The Church

16. “White Trash”- OMD

17. “Then She Remembers”- The Dream Syndicate

18. “Watchlar”- Cocteau Twins

19. “What Comes After”- Kill Devil Hills

20. “Easy”- Nik Kershaw

21. “Test Pilot”- The Fizzbombs

22. “Canadian Girl”- Dreams So Real

23. “Two Divided By Zero”- The Pet Shop Boys

24. “Anybody’s War”- Icehouse

25. “Seeking Out the Angels”- Simple Minds

26. “Blue Summer”- The Fizzbombs

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playlist for June 17th 2012- Duran Duran

Featured Artist: Duran Duran

*requests in green

1. “Planet Earth”- Duran Duran

2. “Sound of Thunder”- Duran Duran

3. “Just Like You”- Red Rockers

4. “Hold Back the Rain”- Duran Duran

5. “2-6-5-8-0”- Kim Wilde

6. “I’ll Do You”- Wire Train

7. “New Moon on Monday”- Duran Duran

8. “Call In the Night Boy”- Talk Talk

9. “War”- Chin Chin

10. “Hunters of the Night”- Mr. Mister

11. “Walk On”- Ten Ten

12. “Kiss Me”- Tin Tin

13. “This is the Day”- The The

14. “Skin Trade”-Duran Duran

15. “Androgynous”- The Replacements

16. “Windows”- Missing Persons

17. “Too Late Marlene”- Duran Duran

18. “Simply Thrilled Honey”- Orange Juice

19. “I Wish”- Real Life

20. “Come Undone”- Duran Duran

21. “Electric Barbarella”- Duran Duran

The Me Generation 2000:

22. “Playing With Uranium”- Duran Duran

23. “Nice”- Duran Duran

24. “Astronaut”- Duran Duran

25. “Red Carpet Massacre”- Duran Duran

26. “She’s Too Much”- Duran Duran

27. “Girl Panic”- Duran Duran